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My music-only website is online with more then 130 recordings of me and my music. You can see or hear me there!

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Trio Hester Cnossen, Feike Boschma and Matthias Kadar

Watch and listen to l'Albatros, a song of mine on a poem by Charles Baudelaire
with Feike Boschma on puppets, Hester Cnossen on the saxophone and me singing and playing guitar

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Matthias Kadar (1977), composer, was born in Paris of Hungarian-German parents.

Kadar studied with Christian Lauba in Bordeaux and later with Theo Loevendie at the conservatorium in Amsterdam. In his Oeuvre, there are about two hundred pieces for most instruments including a book for piano (Der Virtuos), a book of songs for baritone voice and piano based on poems in German, Hungarian and French, a small theater piece (Cyrano) and a Concerto for violin and orchestra (Aede). Most of his works have had public performances at different festivals all over the world. (Mahler festival in Budapest, Ireland, Japan, USA, Salzburger Festspiele, etc. .)

As a singer and chansonnier, he is, next to his work as a soloist, performing together with the Budapest Festival Orchestra in an opera of Iván Fischer or with different groupes. Until 2014 he was part of the Trio 'Trio de Passage' together with saxophonist Hester Cnossen and puppeteer Feike Boschma.


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